Mr. Richard did a fantastic job. We asked him questions about the services and what needs to be done about other things. Super helpful in all aspects. He is one of God's angels sent to help out the people in their time of need. If in the event of an unforeseen happening to a friend or loved one, I would highly recommend Richard Funeral Services. The friends and family that showed up to my mother’s viewing all said it was done beautifully. There really aren't enough kind words to express how well he treated me and my family and accommodated our wishes for my mother. Thank you, Mr. Richard!!!!!!!!!


Sam Richard was the best. Unlike other funeral homes we visited he seemed the sincerest. The funeral home was extremely cozy, and very clean. With the passing of my father Sam made everything very convenient, and he was very accommodating. He will treat you like family period. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.


I would like to thank Sam Richard for being compassionate and empathetic towards my family and I during this vulnerable time. Sam Richard was wonderful, very professional and accommodating to all of our needs. Anyone who chooses Sam Richard will not regret it. Thank you to Sam Richard and colleagues.


Sam Richard and staff provided excellent personalized service to my family during one of the most difficult times in our lives. They were able to accommodate all my mother's last wishes without hesitation. We were able to have a very private and classy ceremony within 5 days of her passing without any issues. Richard Funeral Services is very professional, patient, caring and supportive. They provided quality work that went above and beyond my expectations. I will continue using their services in the future and I recommend you do as well. Thank You For Everything


Thank you to Sam for being so attentive, and making this entire process a little easier, in our time of grief.